By Terri Jewell | Inspired by Tyler Florence 

Prep time 45min-1 hour

Cook time 3 hours

My hubby, son, and son-in-law love this sauce. I wouldn’t dream of making it and not sharing it with them. I smile when the family arrives for dinner, and I see that they have brought to-go boxes, hoping for leftovers. I have sweet memories of late-night knocks on the door when word gets out that Bolognese has been made. It’s the reason I love to cook: for the people and the stories. The space at our table is meant to be filled with laughter, friendship, and other miracles that happen when a meal is shared.

The sauce is wonderful the day you make it, but it only gets better in a day. Share this sauce over cooked pasta and pass the grated parmesan or ricotta. Add a prayer of thanksgiving for the people at your table, warm, buttery bread, and a garden salad while you watch the miracle unfold.  


With love, Tee