The Table
Thanksgiving can feel like a time when we must impress or destroy ourselves trying. In this Contributors Spotlight podcast, Joy Turner gives us a new perspective on what it should look like to come to the table. She brings us a mixture of laughs and practical advice and “dishes” the wisdom for a peaceful holiday season, revealing a simple kitchen table with mismatched chairs is all you need.

We come to the table to hear stories from loved ones and to make room for new friends. Joy believes in the power of shared meals to bring people together, and while she loves cooking and making intricate dishes, she tells us how frozen pizza can do the same thing. She reminds us there is no need for the perfect house or the fanciest meal; having a seat open for us makes us feel loved. When we sit at a table, we share our unique perspectives, and as we listen, we learn from one another. The table is a place where we can ask questions, grow in understanding, and laugh a lot!

Enjoy listening to this delightful interview with Joy Turner and Happy Thanksgiving from Every Little Seed!